In July 2015, I moved to South Korea to become an ESL Teacher. I've always loved kids, I've always wanted to travel, and this was the best way to do it - two birds... one stone. I had NO idea just how much I would love Asia, Seoul, or my students... and so, just like that, my year contract turned into a year and a half... Then, all of a sudden, I was signing a second contract with a new school and moving back in August 2017.

HallAroundtheWorld, launched mid-2016, originally began as a way for me to document my travels, and to give little life updates to all of my friends and family simultaneously. After receiving several questions about how to teach abroad, I decided to add a little TEFL FAQ section. As time went by, and as I was exposed to more and more 'travel blogs/bloggers,' I decided there was a need for more... well, for lack of a better word, authentic, travel writing.

If you're here for sunshine, rainbows, and untouched Bali breakfast platters then you, my friend, have come to the wrong place. You see, I hate to break it to you, but travel isn't all smooth sailing, bikinis, and coconuts. Sometimes it's bed bugs, stalled boats, and food poisoning. I think if people are going to travel, whether it's short term or long term, then it's important for them to know the facts... it isn't always going to be easy. 

Currently, my main goal for HallAroundtheWorld is to educate people about the places I've visited by providing honest stories and reviews that are actually helpful to readers... because a photoshopped picture of a pretty girl in a sundress at Angkor Wat may be worth a few hundred likes on Instagram, but it doesn't prepare you for Cambodia at all.

The internet is a cool, and, sometimes, ridiculous place. We have the world at our fingertips, and an opportunity to connect and share information that is greater than ever before... Yet, instead of the truth, all some people are sharing is an Adobe-filtered, precisely-cropped, facade... and they're selling this front as reality.

I think, if you're lucky enough to attract an audience, to have people read your thoughts and ideas, then why feed them a bunch of fake BS? For me, honesty is the whole point... a point that I may sometimes take a little too far... (so much so that I'll get texts from my mum asking me to filter myself... which I sometimes do, and sometimes don't... sorry, mum).

ANYWAY - In addition to city guides, reviews, photos, videos, and overly honest travel tales, on HallAroundtheWorld you can find everything from book suggestions and travel playlists to TEFL guides and travel discounts.

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