Travel blogs are a source of inspiration and information for people of all ages.

Since launching my blog in 2016, I have developed a steadily growing audience in over 90 countries (Social Media Kit available on request). To keep up with this increasing, diverse following, I expanded my content greatly. Though I initially started this website to document my travels and experiences, I realized that, within this niche, there is a need for more honest travel writing... writing that tells a story while providing useful information about destinations.

If you're looking for frou-frou stories about how perfect travel is, or posed photos of untouched breakfasts platters by a Bali pool, you'll have to look somewhere else.  On HallAroundtheWorld, I aim to provide a true, honest depiction of both my adventures and misadventures, (as it isn't all smooth sailing and picture perfect photo ops).

I try to experience as much as possible in a new country, and am open to working with a wide variety of businesses. I create city guides by featuring accommodations, restaurants, tour companies, and various other businesses. So far, I have worked with businesses ranging from hostels, cooking schools, and motorbike tours to hotels, restaurants, and hot air balloon excursion companies.

By sharing my experiences with these companies, good and bad, my goal is to help my audience plan their trips by highlighting the best places to eat, sleep, and play in their destination.


So, what's in it for you?

Instead of seeking out travel tips and advice from advertisements or TripAdvisor, people want to hear from a real person. By partnering with HallAroundtheWorld, you can guarantee that your brand will be promoted authentically to an engaged, organic audience, thus expanding your businesses' reach.

By collaborating with me you can expect honest, quality written reviews and and high quality, engaging photo and video content. This content will be shared on my social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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