A Day at Jeongdong Theater - The Palace: Jang Nok-su-jeon Show – Sponsored by Trazy

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This weekend, I had the chance to check out one of the traditional Korean shows offered by Trazy.com - The Palace 'Jang Nok-su-jeon' Show at the Jeongdong Theatre.


The Jeongdong Theatre is known to showcase traditional Korean performances, with a touch of modern flair, and this weekend's show was no exception. Though there was no dialogue in the performance, it was still highly engaging and entertaining.

The show is about a women named Jang Nok-su. Once a lowly servant, with her talented performances, she becomes a highly revered Kisaeng (a performer who worked to entertain Kings). Then, as the story goes, Jang Nok-su, known as deadly Cinderella, comes to be the only Kiaseng to step foot into the palace during the Joseon Dynasty.

Now I don't want to give too much of the story-line away, but I will say that I highly enjoyed this performance. For one, the cast was extremely talented. Though there were occasional closed-captions (in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese) that scrolled along screens to the left and right of the stage, the overall story was told only through music, action, and expression... and, I must say, I was so impressed with the cast's ability to portray emotions and tell a story without using any words.

As a foreigner, this was a great way to experience a traditional Korean show without being totally in the dark as to what was happening and being said.


The set, costumes, choreography, and music were exceptional. I was absolutely mesmerized by the colorful traditional clothing, and by the rhythm and movement of the musical and dance numbers performed throughout the show.

Though it definitely cannot be strictly categorized as a traditional Korean performance, overall, I really enjoyed "The Palace – Jang Nok-su-jeon" and it's fusion with modern Korean theatre. I would highly recommend it, whether you're an expat living in Korea or just passing through.

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Getting there

By cab: 정동극장

By metro: Head to City Hall Station. Walk out of exit 12 and then take your first left. Take another left and walk alongside the Deoksugung Palace Gate. Continue walking straight through the roundabout and the theatre will be on your right.


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