What to Do for Halloween in Seoul - Good Times ROK Han River Cruise

If you find yourself in Seoul towards the end of October, and aren't sure what to be for Halloween, well... I can't really help you there. I'm sure if you walk around Dongdaemun's Fabric and Craft Market, a DIYer's paradise, you'll be inspired. If not... there's always Pinterest... the virtual DIYer's paradise.

Where I CAN help you, however, is deciding where to go.

With so many trendy neighborhoods and bars to choose from, picking one spot to spend the holiday can be tough. So, let me make it easier for you...

If you like all you can drink booze, costume contests, awesome DJ's, and bangin' fireworks shows... it's a no brainer where you should be on Halloweekend.

Good Times ROK's Halloween Cruise Bash - where you can spend your evening on a four deck party boat cruising down the Han River!

This year, there was over 5 million won in costume contest prizes, not to mention you get FREE admission and drink specials for exclusive after parties around Seoul. (The cruise lasts 'til around 10:30, so you have plenty of time to get your bar-hop on).

Before moving to Korea, a friend in my TEFL course recommended this cruise as the one thing I MUST do when I moved to Seoul. After spending the last two Halloweekends partying on the Booze Cruise, I'd have to agree... 100%. It has yet to disappoint.

Don't take my word for it... get your Pinterest on, craft that contest winning costume, and check out next year's cruise for yourself - but, in the meantime, peep the 2017 Cruise Bash Recap below! 

(Shot and edited on iPhone7 so be sure to play in HD).

* not sponsored by Apple, but a gal can dream *

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Note: I was a guest of Good Times ROK, but, as always, all thoughts, opinions, and shaky dance videos are my own.