A Night in HaLong Bay with Glory Legend Cruise

Waking up on a junk boat amidst the limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay has been at the top of my bucket list since, well... since the first time I saw a photo of the limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay. When planning my trip to Vietnam, experiencing this was my number one priority.


My search for the perfect junk boat led me to Glory Legend Cruise Line. Though it was a bit more expensive than other boat companies, I decided that, when it came to crossing off this item on the bucket list, I was willing to splurge on quality. There are lots of budget backpacker, party boat cruises as well, but that wasn't really the vibe I was after for this leg of my Southeast Asia trip.

An acquaintance from Seoul (aka a social media friend who I'd actually never met before), was travelling through Vietnam around the same time as me, and, since she also planned to do Ha Long Bay, we decided to book the same cruise. We met up at the dock on the day of our departure, and immediately hit it off - (She offered me snacks and I knew I'd found a forever friend).

Turns out, the cruise company had TWO boats departing that afternoon... and we, of course, as luck would have it, were not on the same one. This is how I ended up riding solo on a junk boat in Ha Long Bay. Aside from the workers on the boat and a couple of honeymooners, I was the youngest person on the boat by at least 30 years. Other than that, my boat was mainly full of Austrian retirees. As unfortunate as this situation may sound, believe it or not, riding solo actually worked in both of our favor... turns out, the Austrians know how to party.


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