Post-Olympic Adventures at Yongma Land - Seoul, South Korea Day Trips

In the suburbs of north eastern Seoul lies an abandoned, supposedly haunted amusement park. The whole place and it’s run down rides have a pretty creepy vibe… that is up until the bands of Korean models show up with their matching outfits, camera men, and boom boxes blasting K-pop.

By the time I left on my first visit, the creepiest thing about the place was me – the lone foreigner, wearing all black, slinking about the place and hanging out on all the rides.

Like most attractions in Seoul, Yongma land is kind of a photo trap... but, all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was happy to go back again when a travel buddy at the time came to visit Seoul.




To get to Yongma Land, go to Mangu Station and take exit 1. After walking around for a bit on my first trip to Yongma, I decided to just get a cab. I had no trouble finding my way back to the station from Yongma Land, but, for some reason, finding my way there was tough.


My second visit to Yongma Land with Tara was literally right after we returned to Seoul from our Olympics trip. Mangu station is one stop away from the Sangbong KTX station, and it was silly to go all the way back in to Seoul to drop our things off... so we just brought them all with us... (and, looking like a couple of bag ladies, quickly opted for taking a cab). 

Since it only costs a few bucks, cabbing it is the most time and cost effective way to go. Most cabbies are familiar with the park, so it takes the guess work out of navigating there.



There will be hoards of selfie taking Koreans... and they probably really will have K-Pop anthems blaring as the soundtrack for their photoshoots. Join the fun! Everyone's here for a few (hundred) quirky shots, and a good time.

There is also an entrance fee of 5,000 won per person to get in to the park. *Note that only cash is accepted!*