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Holiday Gift Guide - The Best Gifts for the Travel Loving Ladies on Your List

Christmas may be over a month away… but, here in Sweden, Andrew and I have already been gifted our advent calendars (and are fighting the urge to begin opening them), we have set up our Christmas tree, and watched our first Christmas movie.

We even bought our first bottle of glögg, a mulled wine which, according to, is an essential part of the lead up to Christmas in Sweden… and I’m not one to argue.

…The one thing we haven’t started - Christmas shopping.

Maybe you’re against jumping from Halloween to Christmas. Maybe you think it’s too early for decorations or you’re just not feeling festive. I can’t say I can relate, however, I think we can all agree that it’s never a bad idea to get a head start on holiday shopping.

If you’re stuck for ideas and are wandering what to get the travel loving lady in your life this holiday season (other than plane tickets), look no further.

Being a travel (and christmas) loving lady myself, I’m kind of an expert on the subject, so I’ve compiled this list to help you out.

…it’s filled with things I have recently purchased, plan on purchasing, or hope Santa puts in my stocking. Tis the season for giving, so you’ll also find insider tips on upcoming holiday sales and discount codes!



…(or, in my case, slightly increased organization)

Every boss babe needs a planner, and with the new year right around the corner, most people will be needing a new one. You could gift an average planner, or you can go with one that is totally personalized.

When you give a gift card from Personal Planner, you allow the recipient to create a planner of their own. They can choose from one of Personal Planner’s designs or come up with something original. They can customize the layout of the pages, add personalized special dates, and even add inspirational messages.

I recently received mine (with stickers!) and absolutely love it! It’s so cool seeing an idea come to life, and I’m happy to finally have a planner to start mapping out 2019 adventures.

Personal planner also offers products like wall calendars, diaries, and notebooks.

For 15% off your Personal Planner order, use code HALLAROUND15. Valid until January 31, 2019.

To buy:, $39



Trying to pack for a trip can be a nightmare - especially when it’s a long-term adventure.

You want to pack practically, but you also want to have some cute options with you just in case. My packing problem has always been that many of these “cute options” either end up being too impractical, too wrinkley, or just totally ruined by the end of my trip.

Kosan created the Go Travel Dress to solve this problem… and it’s definitely at the top of my wish-list this year.

The creators of the Go Travel Dress couldn’t find the perfect travel dress… so they made it instead. They believe that, no matter where you are in the world, you deserve to look your best… without having to compromise on style, comfort or functionality.

Odour Blocking.png

The Go Travel Dress, which is made of wrinkle resistant, anti odor (v important), performance fabric, has lots of other travel friendly features, too.

It has four pockets, two convertible skirt lengths, and currently comes in four different colors. The only downside to this dress is that it won’t be making it under any Christmas trees this year.

Kosan’s Go Travel Dress is still in the pre-order stages, but you can get 30% off the retail price by pledging on KickStarter now (and 20% after that)! By pledging now, you guarantee you’ll be one of the first to rock the Go Travel Dress when it ships next summer!

To buy:, $85 - (Campaign ends Nov. 30).


Hey, Santa - I’m no expert… but I think this gift set from World Market would make a perfect stocking stuffer ;)

You can’t really go wrong with anything from World Market, in my opinion, but this in particular is the perfect little gift for the world travelling fashionista in your life.

It includes five dainty bracelets and a watch with a taupe faux leather band and a map on the face.

WorldMarket usually has BOGO deals on Black Friday, so be on the lookout for that.

To buy:, $29



I’m all for exploring cities on my own, but sometimes its nice to learn about a place from a local’s perspective. Though I have been on a few tours, they were never really my thing… that is, until I heard about Urban Adventures.

Urban Adventures is a global tour company offering locally led private and group tours in over 150 cities around the world. These tours are perfect for travellers wanting to escape the crowds, skip the big tourist attractions, and really connect with a city for a genuine, local experience.

I am a big fan of this company because they keep their tour groups small, employ local guides, and give back to the community. They also are big advocates of sustainability and responsible travel. According to Urban Adventures, “‘Responsible tourism’ isn’t just a marketing catch phrase or box we tick. It’s at the heart of everything we do, from how we design our tours, to who we employ, to where we grow our business.”

There’s a lot to be said about their mission and dedication to sustainability - I’d highly recommend heading here to read more about it.

Support a great company and give the traveller in your life the gift of a real life experience with an Urban Adventures gift certificate. Choose a dollar amount or a specific best day ever tour experience. Urban Adventures will email the gift certificate directly to your recipient!

To buy:, $10 minimum

Urban Adventure Tours


At the end of an adventure, we all eventually come home… and that’s where Conquest Maps comes in. With a Conquest Map, you can document all of your past, present, and future adventures.

This company offers several products the traveller in your life will love including pin-boards and poster maps of the world, the USA, and even individual states. Each map is crafted by hand and can even be personalized.

Conquest Maps make great gifts - but I don't blame you if you want to keep one for yourself! We ordered the modern slate pin-board map pictured below, and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

If you’re interested in ordering a Conquest Map for a loved one (or yourself) here’s the inside scoop on all of their upcoming holiday deals!

Shop their Fall Sale from November 22 to November 26 and save up to $100, or shop their Holiday Sale from November 27 to December 7 for BOGO 30% off on Pin-Board Maps or 10% off your entire order with code Holiday-10.

To buy:, $99



I seriously underestimated the importance of packing cubes until they became absolutely essential for keeping my backpack organized.

When I was only going to be visiting a city for a few days, I’d keep different items and outfits in each of my packing cubes to avoid having to unpack my bag entirely.

I recommend purchasing a set with multiple sizes and colors to avoid getting them confused!

To buy:, $14.95



There are few things worse than a dead phone battery… especially when exploring a new city. I normally travel with multiple power bank so I can keep my phone charged for photo taking and navigating. The Anker PowerCore 10000 is an awesome long-lasting, and lightweight option. If you’re travelling with multiple friends (or multiple devices), consider the EasyAcc Portable Charger with 4 USB ports.

To Buy: (single port), (multi-port)



When I started travelling a few years ago, I knew nothing about photography (still don’t), and was shooting all of my travel photos on my iPhone. If I wanted to be in a picture, I had to pull the awkward “ask a stranger and hope for the best” technique… and when none of those pictures ever turned out great, I kinda just stopped asking.

In my first year of travels, I can count on one hand the number of decent photos I had that I was actually in. I finally broke down and purchased an action camera (something I wish I had done a lot sooner).

My GoPro was a god send during my solo backpacking trip. I captured so many great photos (pictured below) by using its screen capture feature, and a ridiculous amount of video footage.

The best part… I never had to worry about breaking it.

Seriously ladies, if you plan on travelling and are trying to decide on a camera, I highly recommend gifting yourself a GoPro. It’s easy to pack, easy to use, and will capture all of your epic adventures (with you in the frame).

To buy:


What’s on your holiday wish list this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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