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Snowy Friendsgiving at Daedunsan

Mount Fuji or snow globe? 

Mount Fuji or snow globe? 

Last weekend for Friendsgiving, a couple girlfriends and I took a day trip out of the city down south to beautiful Daedunsan – ("San" means mountain in Korean). First and foremost, let me just say that I have pretty horrible luck with mountains. Last February, when I visited Japan, my friend and I took a bus all the way from Tokyo to Mount Fuji. When we got there, Mount Fuji was nowhere to be seen because of the massive snowstorm that was plowing down on us. We took a few pictures (not picturing any mountain), and made some baby snowmen before heading back to Tokyo.

Last weekend at Daedunsan was no different. As soon as we arrived at the mountain base, the snow started to fall. Up until that point in the day, we’d polished off a bottle of champagne in bus-mosas (mimosas on a bus), sampled Korean wine at Chateau Mani, and even soaked our feet in a red wine hot tub. It goes without saying that we were not at all bummed when the snow started to fall. All in all, Friendsgiving weekend was a success.

(Pictured below: The internet versus real life).

I haven’t always had the best luck with friends. For me, making good friends, especially abroad, is like walking through a landmine. After having many a friendship explode in my face, I’ve learned quality trumps quantity every time. It’s more important to find the people who challenge you, inspire you to do and be better, and, most importantly, who you have a good ass time with no matter what.

These two beauties are bomb in the best way. I'm so thankful to have stumbled across them. Our photos look NOTHING like the ones I'd seen of Daedunsan, and the day did not go at all as I’d expected... It went about 1,000 times better, & the post-winery, suspension bridge snowball fight was the best way to ring in what will surely be an epic winter.