The Cutest Meal I've Ever Eaten - Yum Cha in Hong Kong

In the heart of Hong Kong, you'll find dim sum so cute that you'll almost, (key word: almost), feel bad for eating it.

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These delicious, totally instagrammable steamed buns, and other traditional Chinese dishes, are available at Yum Cha, an authentic Chinese restaurant with contemporary flare.

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My friend and I went to Yum Cha's Central location and ordered several dishes to split. With the crispy sweet and sour wontons, hot custard molten buns, barbeque piggy pork buns, doggy sausage rolls, and the pineapple puffs, we had quite the spread. As you can see, everything was equally adorable. Taste-wise, my favorite was the piggy pork buns... with the cute pineapple puffs (served in a bird cage) coming in at a close second. (Check out their full lunch menu).

Though this was deceivingly called the "Central" Yum Cha location, believe it or not, Central actually isn't the closest subway station... a discovery I made only after looking at the map again to write this post.

Instead of going to Central or Hong Kong Station (and walking all the way there), I'd suggest going to the nearby Sheung Wan Station instead (Exit E3). From there, Yum Cha is located just one block away, on the second floor of the Nan Fung Place building. (This makes SO much more sense than walking the 5+ blocks from Central or Hong Kong Station... which is what I did... LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!)

As you can imagine, this place gets pretty busy... and, during our meal, we saw several plastic pull out tables being set up around the restaurant to accommodate the lunch crowd for the day. To guarantee you won't have to wait, you can reserve a table online at or take your chances with just walking in, (though I wouldn't recommend doing the latter if you're dining with a large group).

With two convenient locations, (Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, just across the harbour), Yum Cha is a must if you're planning a visit to Hong Kong... and if you're going to Yum Cha, you HAVE to try the BBQ Pork Piggy Buns... they're as cute as they are delicious.



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