Accommodation Spotlight - Olympic Weekender in Gangneung at Analog 76


Typically speaking, if I have more than two consecutive days off work, I'm on a plane and adding a stamp to my passport... but this year's Lunar New Year holiday was a little different.

Why? Two words. Winter. Olympics.

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As you can imagine, finding accommodations in an Olympic city (during Lunar New Year) was a bit of a nightmare... (a nightmare only made worse by people's unwillingness to commit to solid plans).

Knowing that I'd need to secure a place to stay well ahead of time (cause they weren't gonna get any cheaper), I went ahead and began the search for our Olympic holiday accommodations.

I spent weeks scouring just about every booking site I could think of... browsing hostels, hotels, airbnbs, and guest houses in the Olympic cities of Pyeongchang and Gangneung. I even looked at options in the further, but cheaper, surrounding cities.

Almost all of the accommodations I came across had one thing in common - they cost a lot for a little... all except one.

Enter Analog 76.

Analog 76 could not have been a more perfect place to stay in Gangneung, home to the Winter Olympics Coastal Cluster. Not only was it extremely close to all the action at the ice venues... it was also extremely affordable.

When it comes to affordability, the same cannot be said for most of Gangneung's surrounding hotels and guesthouses. By the time we booked, most places were either sold out or cost upwards of 200,000 won per night for a small motel room, or worse, a shared hostel dorm.

We opted to splurge a bit on Analog 201 - The Industrial Loft. This incredible, cozy space was located just a five minute drive from the ice venues, and a short walk or bike ride to the beach.

Want to read more about Analog 76's location, amenities, and other units?

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