Urban Space

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Want to feel like a kid again but likeeeee, also want to have a drink? Head to Urban Space in Seongsu.

Urban Space is the unicorn of all bars. They have booze... AND a ball pit. Their signature cocktails are adorable - one was served in a little metal shopping cart and another came inside a bird cage. Mine came in test tubes... and on fire... (The slight pyro in me opted for this choice for obvious reasons... if there are sparklers involved, I'm all there).

The best part about Urban Space - (for all you teachers needing an escape from little monsters on the weekends) - there are no kids allowed! And they have darts!

Enjoy the floaties, ball pit, and the booze (without the company of tiny humans). Don't get me wrong... Korean kids are cute... but sometimes you need a break from the tiny humans.

We added to the fun by bringing along Cards Against Humanity and playing a few rounds - (This may have been mostly for my benefit, as I'd been bugging my friends at the time to go with me to a board game cafe for weeks).

Edit: As of August 2018, there’s a NEW Urban Space located in Myeongdong. From what I’ve heard, this one is bigger, brighter, and has more photo ops than the original!

Location & Hours

Seongsu Location

Head to Seongsu station on the green (2) line and take exit 4. Turn down the second street on your left and Urban Space/Urban Source will be located on your right.

Hours of Operation

Urban Space is open from 3p.m. to 12a.m.

Myeongdong Location

Head to Myeongdong station on the blue (4) line and take exit 6 to your left. Walk straight and then take the third street on your right.

At the end of that street, you will see Urban Space located on the 5th floor (near the back entrance to Forever 21).

Hours of Operation

The Myeongdong Urban Space is open from 2p.m. to 11p.m.