About HallAroundtheWorld 

HallAroundtheWorld is a travel blog launched in 2016 by Kirstie Hall – a small town girl who is happily infected with a big case of wanderlust.

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Though the website initially began as a way to document her travels and experiences, she realized that, within the travel niche, there was a need for more honest travel writing.

HallAroundtheWorld has since evolved into a place where she tells her personal stories and provides her audience with honest, useful travel information. Her goal is to encourage people who want to see and experience the world, regardless of their age or travel budget, to book the flight and do it.


Why work with travel bloggers?

Travel blogs are a source of inspiration and information for people of all ages. Instead of seeking out travel tips and advice from advertisements or TripAdvisor, people want to hear from a real person.

Travel bloggers are those REAL people – They have friends, family, and engaged, authentic followers who enjoy hearing about their travel experiences, and who frequently use this information when planning trips of their own.


Why work with HallAroundtheWorld?

Because she’s an experienced and seasoned traveller.

Since 2015, she has been travelling and working abroad. In this time, she’s gained experience navigating foreign transportation systems, ordering foods in different languages, and meeting new friends when travelling solo. She’s not afraid to try new things and always says yes to new adventures.

She has visited 20 countries on four different continents, but, for her, travelling is not about counting countries. When visiting a new city, she tries to experience and learn as much about it as possible – to discover hidden gems and local favorites, not just the typical tourist hot spots.

Planning a trip can be stressful. By sharing her experiences, good and bad, her goal is to help her audience discover the best places to eat, sleep, drink, and explore in their destination. She creates full city guides by featuring “know before you go” tips and recommendations on accommodations, restaurants, tour companies, and various other businesses.

So far, she has worked with businesses ranging from hostels, cooking schools, and tourism boards to luxury cruises, hotels, restaurants, and hot air balloon excursion companies.


Because she creates quality content.

In addition to being an experienced writer, she is also a self-taught photographer and videographer who pays attention to the details.

From the planning stage to the final edits, Kirstie takes her time to perfect each photo and video she produces and posts. By collaborating with her, you can expect honest, quality written reviews and high quality, engaging photo and video content. This content is shared on numerous media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Because her audience trusts her and she delivers results.

Kirstie only endorses brands, companies, and causes that she truly loves and believes in. If you're looking for frou-frou stories about how perfect travel is, or posed photos of untouched breakfasts platters by a Bali pool, you'll have to look somewhere else.  On HallAroundtheWorld, she aims to provide a true, honest depiction of both her adventures and misadventures, (as it isn't all smooth sailing and picture perfect photo ops).

By partnering with HallAroundtheWorld, you can guarantee that your brand will be promoted authentically to an engaged, organic audience. Kirstie’s readers know that she only endorses things she believes in, so when she writes about having an awesome experience in a city, at a hotel, or with a product, they believe her.

Many of her followers have followed her destination guides, stayed at the same hotels, eaten at the same cafes, and even booked the same trips. They frequently pin her articles and save posts for later, providing the promoted businesses with priceless, and timeless marketing material. 


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