…my favorite spots around the world to catch some solid zzz’s


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48.2082° N, 16.3738° E


Located at the heart of Vienna’s 7th District, the 25 Hours Hotel was a great home base for our stay in Vienna. It also might be the most insta-worthy hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

From the lobby and guest rooms to the corridors and rooftop bar, the entire hotel is filled with colorful, circus themed wallpaper and vibrant vintage finds. The design team paid so much attention to detail when bringing this unique hotel to life.


13.6915° N, 104.1001° E

Pavillon d'Orient Boutique Hotel

When I arrived in Cambodia, I was hit with THE biggest wave of travel burnout. The timing was quite unfortunate, as Cambodia was also about to rock my world.

The Pavillon D’Orient Boutique Hotel’s property was like a little piece of paradise… and, sometimes, when you’ve been going full speed for awhile, that’s exactly what you need.


51.5074° N, 0.1278° W


Picture your typical, stuffy, corporate chain hotel… and then think the exact opposite. QBIC Hotel is so cozy. Trendy decor and art filled the walls, and the staff was laid back and welcoming.

From the solar panels on the roof to their use of chemical free cleaning products, at Qbic Hotel, being “green” is much more than just a marketing slogan.


52.5200° N, 13.4050° E

Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

Conveniently located just 25 minutes from Berlin Tegel Airport, and a short walk away from Potsdamer Platz metro station, the modern Mövenpick Hotel Berlin is both convenient and comfortable.

We loved exploring Berlin and having such a cozy home away from home to return to each day for some much needed R&R.


22.3193° N, 114.1694° E

L'étoile de Mer - Causeway Bay

A night in this spacey (but not spacious) pod cost me just a little bit more than it would have to bunk up in a crowded hostel room.

My advice: For more privacy, and a cooler overall experience, skip the hostel bunk and splurge a bit on this futuristic pod hotel, conveniently located in Causeway Bay


47.4979° N, 19.0402° E


On their website, Pal’s Hostel makes the bold claim that they are, “Not your average hostel.”

They say it’s because their “hostel” is actually a chain of dorms and apartments near St. Stephen’s Square… but I think their unique setup and prime location are just two of several defining characteristics that make Pal’s Hostel stand out from the rest.


8.5069° S, 115.2625° E

Firefly Villa

Looking for a quiet escape in the lush, magical city of Ubud? Want to wake up in an eco-treehouse or bamboo cottage?

Down a winding path in the rice fields of Ubud is a cozy, dreamy, spot where you can do both... a secluded, rice field oasis you won't find on GoogleMaps.


3.1390° N, 101.6869° E


Conveniently located in the heart of the city, this hotel is a five minute walk away from the nearest metro station and a 10 minute walk away from the city’s famous Petronas Twin Towers.

Its warm, welcoming staff, prime location, property features, and luxurious amenities made it the best place to end my 2018 Asia adventure, and the perfect home away from home in Kuala Lumpur.

Traders hotel by Shangri-la

Kuala Lumpur was the last stop on my 2017 backpacking trip... and I guess you could say I went out with a bit of a bang.

With great amenities, a central location, and (given it's proximity to, and incredible view of, the Petronas Towers) reasonable price, splurging on this hotel was a no brainer.


5.4164° N, 100.3327° E

Double Tree by Hilton Penang

I had the chance to stay here over a long birthday weekend in 2018, and loved it so much that I nearly pushed my return flight to Korea back another day.

The entire property, from the reception to the bedrooms, is absolutely beautiful.... But the perks of the DoubleTree Resort definitely don't stop there...


37.7394° N, 25.6687° W

Mirante Loft airbnb

Sometimes, it’s nice to unwind in a cozy, home away from home (which is why I love AirBnb), and after scouring the internet, I found the cutest property in Ponta Delgada.

With its nearly panoramic windows, this quiet oasis in the middle of the Atlantic offers guests beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, sea, and the pineapple farm next door. ADDED BONUS - It’s covered in plants!


46.0569° N, 14.5058° E


I never imagined I’d be spending the night in a Slovenian jail cell…I also never thought I’d be doing so willingly.

Then I discovered that Ljubljana is home to an ex prison turned hostel and I was all like, “A night behind bars!? SIGN ME UP!!”

Our experience behind bars was a unique experience to say the least… just like Ljubljana’s Christmas decorations.


37.7519° N, 128.8761° E

Analog 76 AirBnb

Finding accommodations in an Olympic city (during Lunar New Year) was a bit of a nightmare...

I spent weeks scouring just about every booking site I could think of... browsing hostels, hotels, airbnbs, and guest houses in the Olympic cities of Pyeongchang and Gangneung.

Almost all of the accommodations I found had one thing in common - they cost a lot for a little... all except one: Analog 76, the AirBnb that saved the day and made our Olympic weekend.


37.6970° N, 127.8887° E


Sometimes, life in Seoul was downright hectic...

Thankfully, Korea’s amazing public transportation made it easy and cheap to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

In the mountainous province of Gangwon, about an hour outside of Seoul, I found one of my favorite little escapes.


55.6050° N, 13.0038° E


From the cozy, lobby Living Room bar to the roof top SkyBar, the entire property Clarion property is always buzzing… and not just with tourists.

With their special events, concerts, and affordable restaurants, the Clarion Malmö Live is so much more than just a hotel, and it was a great place for a cheeky little weekend staycation.




59.3293° N, 18.0686° E


Though it’s one of many Scandic hotels in Stockholm, Downtown Camper has none of the cookie cutter decor or the stuffy atmosphere that you’d expect from a large chain hotel. It does, however, have a whole lot of personality.

At Downtown Camper, nature meets metropolis and Stockholm locals meet visitors. In this unique hotel, guests can expect to do a whole lot more than just catching some zzz’s.


19.3582° N, 98.4405° E

Puri Pai Villa

Planning a trip to Pai? Check out this cozy, (yet modern) little property tucked down an insanely windy, Thai road.

With killer mountain views and amenities like airport transfer, an infinity pool, fitness center, city shuttle, and complimentary breakfast, this is the quiet, convenient property is a perfect home base for travellers visiting Pai.


20.9101° N, 107.1839° E

Au Co Luxury Cruise

In 2018 I returned to HaLong Bay aboard the Au Co, and let’s just say I was not disappointed.

The Au Co Luxury Cruise, by Bhaya Cruise Lines, creates guest itineraries that steer clear of over-trafficked areas of the bay. By cruising with them, you’ll have a more intimate, relaxing experience (and support a company that is leading the way in sustainable tourism in HaLong Bay).


20.9712° N, 107.0448° E

Halong Ginger Homestay

If you're planning to visit northern Vietnam, chances are a HaLong Bay Cruise is high on your list.

Most people go straight from Hanoi to their cruise, but, I highly recommend staying at least one night in the mainland beforehand.

Skip the fancy hotels and resorts, save a few bucks, and book a stay here instead... the coziest (and most Instagramable) little homestay in HaLong!


15.8801° N, 108.3380° E

Vietnam Backpackers Hostel

Travelling solo? Want to meet new people? Then Vietnam Backpackers is the perfect hostel for you.

I stayed at their Hoi An location shortly after their opened, which is usually either a really good thing or a really bad thing. Between my friends and I, we experienced a bit of both… but, overall, it was good.

They had lots of events and activities on, so, even though I stayed in a private room, I still made lots of new friends and had a great experience.