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Planning a trip to Pai? Check out Puri Pai Villa, a cozy, but modern little property tucked down a winding, Thai road.

With killer mountain views and amenities like free airport transfer, an infinity pool, fitness center, city shuttle, and free breakfast, this is a perfect base for your visit to Pai. 

The minimalistic decor and design at Puri Pai Villa is uniquely bold.

The plant lover in me was doing cartwheels as we walked through the greenery filled entranceway... then found Puri Pai's open-air lobby, overlooking the mountains, to be equally as welcoming. It was so nice to spend some time in the countryside of Thailand after hopping from city to city in the weeks before.

Though I'm not typically a fan of orange (because my high school's color was orange), it really fit here, and stood out in contrast with the lush green scenery of Pai.


Puri Pai boasts many amenities including a beautiful, modern, pool area, a fitness center, and restaurant. By far my favorite of the many commonn spaces was a large deck with bean bag chairs and a killer view of the mountains. It's the perfect spot to watch the sunrise or to enjoy a few beers at the end of a long day of exploring.


The restaurant's food was also delicious! When I saw a spicy avocado burger on the menu, I decided to take a break form the deliciousness that is Thai food, and, my goodness, I was not disappointed... Talk about a juicy - and spicy - burger. SO. GOOD.

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Puri Pai has several room options. We stayed in the Deluxe Room (pictured above) which is the most comparable to your average hotel room. Their other options, the Pool Villa (which, yes, has it's own pool) and the Puri Villa both offer a bit more space and privacy, but they're also more expensive.

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Since it is situated a bit outside the main area of Pai, this property offers a free shuttle into town (until a certain time). You just need to call the hotel, and the van will pick you up from the designated drop off point, free of charge.

This was a HUGE convenience, as it'd be a hassle to walk or drive everywhere on your own. If you plan on having a late night, give the hotel staff a heads up so someone will be on call to pick you up. They'll send a driver to pick you up for a small fee per person.

In addition to shuttle services to and from the city, Puri Pai Villa also offers free airport transfers... plus... free breakfast! - Two of my favorite words.

Overall, I would highly recommend making this your home base if you're planning a visit to Pai. 

For availability and current rates at the Puri Pai Villa click here!

I was a guest of Puri Pai Villa, but, as always, the views and opinions expressed in this review are my own. When you book using my affiliate links, I receive a small commission that goes towards the cost of this webpage... (and, lets be honest... future travel).