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Busan Tower


about busan tower

Located in Yongdusan Park, Busan tower sits at an altitude of 69 meters and stands 120 meters high! 

Like Namsan Tower, located in Korea's capital, Busan Tower boasts epic views of the surrounding mountainous landscape and skyscrapers... but unlike Namsan, the views from aren't just of a sprawling city.

At Busan tower you'll catch a glimpse of the city, mountains, and Korea's southern coast. (This may not seem like a big deal, but I grew up in North Carolina and went to school in Wilmington on the Atlantic... it was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean).

I went to Busan Tower for sunset on my first trip to the city, and, though it was a bit crowded, I was definitely not disappointed.

Location & Hours

Getting There

By Taxi: Busan Tower (Yongdusan Park) (부산타워

By Metro: Head to Nampo Station and take Exit 7.
Turn left onto Gwangbok-ro Street and walk approximately 160 m before arriving at an escalator on your right that will take you to Yongdusan Park.


Hours of Operation

10:00am - 11:00pm daily


Observatory Admission Fees

Adults (age 13+) 8,000 won / Children (age 3-12) 6,000 won
Observatory for two people + Popcorn set: Adults 20,000 won / Children 16,000 won
Observatory for one person + Burger set: Adults 15,000 won / Children 13,000 won


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